Saturday, 28 July 2012

My Summer Essentials!

Just because I needed a pretty picture to resemble Summer :)
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Recently, the sun has been out more than ever before, which may explain my little absence from blogging (...sorry, i really am useless!) but really, who can stay inside, on their computer in this glorious weather??
So I just thought I may give you all a few ideas of some items to keep on hand:

My Summer Essentials:
  1. There are very few things irritating about summer but one thing that I find very discomfortable and that is the heat but when it is so hot, to the point where it’s sticky.  This is why I think it very important to have a very good deodorant at hand and I would definitely recommend Mitchum Advanced Control Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant.  This deodorant is generally used by dancers and people doing a lot of sport throughout the day and it is fantastic!  
  2. An essential is a good waterproof mascara.  During a hot day, your face will tend to get quite moist and you will probably rub your face a lot, meaning your mascara will smudge so it is vital to have a good mascara that will not run.
  3. It is very important to have a good cleanser during the summer as it is so easy to get spots in the summer and it really can make your skin feel dirty so it is important to treat it to a good cleanse once a day.
  4. Something that should never leave your bag is a body butter/moisturizer- I hate seeing chalky dried out skin; not only does it look bad but it is awful for your skin and promotes premature wrinkling.  I would recommend the bodyshop body butters and Soap & Glory Body Butter.
  5. Face powder is very important for summer, because although you want that fresh, dewy look, you DO NOT want to look sweaty or oily so a light dusting of a natural face powder is a must.  I would highly recommend MAC mineralize skinfinish natural.
  6. I think that a nice cream blush is quite important in the summer. Sometimes a powder blush is just going to fall straight off your face and look sort of chalky but rubbing in a nice, smooth cream blush looks gorgeous and very natural.
  7. Lip stains are incredibly helpful all year round but could not go amiss in this list.  They are so long lasting, hence “stain”, even after you eat!!  That said, they are also a 2 in 1 as they can act as a blush/highlighter and do a fantastic, stunning job at this, lasting all day.  I would recommend the new Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm.
  8. Neutral eyeshadows are SO important in the summer.  You really want to get that natural, romantic look and definitely DO NOT over do your makeup with any thick black eyeliner!!!  That is something to certainly stay away from!!  Too faced have a gorgeous natural palette and you cannot go wrong with either Urban Decay’s Naked 1 or Naked 2 palette.  I think one or the other are essentials for the summer!!!

I hope this has been helpful, how are all of your summers going so far??

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