Saturday, 14 July 2012

Where have I been?.. Confidence!

I feel I need to do quite a bit of explaining for my noticeable absence recently.  Instead of going through endless excuses for why i could not post in the past...three months has it been? Wow, I really have been lazy and all I can do is apologies.  I really am sorry and will hopefully be able to make it up to you in the next few weeks as I will be incredibly bored (rather ironic, as I have been constantly busy for the past few months).  I have also been working on a few little ideas for my blog; just a few posts which I can do and to start it off-Confidence!  This is a pretty lengthy piece of writing, with nothing to do with beauty and cosmetics or clothing (which I normally post about) but I really hope you read on anyway.

So this year, for our holiday, we went to Center Parcs (haha) which was a lot better than I had anticipated actually.  I suppose I have never been considered a very confident person; a rather shy, self-conscious person actually.  This is something that bothers me a lot, because it’s really difficult to just get confidence like some (very fortunate) people who naturally have confidence.  I think when people first meet me they cast me aside as a not very talkative, maybe even quite boring person which really isn’t true.  I think I can actually be quite interesting and possibly quite funny when I get to know people and let my guard down.  The reason I am not very loud is because I don’t like to ram my personality down other’s throats.  I believe the less you reveal, the more people wonder and that has kind of been the sort of philosophy I have been trying to live my life by.  Anyway (side-tracking a little here) in the past few weeks I have felt more on show (in a good way) then ever before.  More people suddenly started to notice me, mainly in Center Parcs, and it really did give me such a confidence boost; something that I’d really been needing.  I do not want to come across as cocky because the truth is...I’ve never really...ever been noticed before in my life and that’s why I feel it’s ok to be really happy about it now.  Someone actually asked for my number a few days ago whilst swimming around, and I felt more attractive then..well..ever and I’m actually quite happy to admit that. 
So, I suppose the real point of me sharing this story with you is not because I want to brag about something nice that happened to me for once but to remind you all of the inner-confidence that I am sure lies within you somewhere.  I really hope that there are people like me out there, who sometimes struggle to be the loud one in a classroom and constantly worry about what they look like because I want to remind you that you are not alone.  And one way that might help bring out some sort of confidence in you is to think about a time in your life when it was all about you.  A time when people were only looking at you for all the right reasons.  Maybe you grabbed a guys attention or you made someone proud of you or you just did something to get you noticed; just think about the happiest, most memorable time that made you feel so good about yourself: your looks, personality, everything.  I hope that maybe by thinking about this, you will try to make yourself believe that you have all reason to be confident because when you let your confident side free, people really will be drawn to you :)

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