Friday, 13 April 2012

My Favourite Television Programmes

So, for lack of a better post, I decided it would be quite a fun idea to share with you all my favourite Television Programmes so that maybe it could give you guys a good idea of some other programmes you could start watching and also share with you a part of my personality, i suppose, because these are the sort of things I find funny or just generally entertaining.  So without further ado and in no particular order, here are my favourite programmes:
1)  90210- I had to include this as it is most definitely one of my favourite programmes.  I do not care much for soaps, especially English soaps, but I must admit I do quite enjoy the odd American soap and 90210 is definitely worth watching.  I think it has the sort of gossip that anyone would wish they had at their school.  It is on 4OD every Tuesday I think, so please go ahead and check that out :)
2)  Cougar town- I LOVE this programme!  Please watch this programme because I absolutely love this style of comedy.  If there is anyone out there, any of my followers, who would quite like to get to know me, then please watch at least one episode of this because this is my sense of humour is very similar to this style of comedy.  Each programme is only around 20 minutes long and it's just a very relaxing programme to watch and for all of those Courtney Cox fans out there, you will love this :)
3)  Modern Family- I am not sure if there is one person who cannot relate to any of these families in this programme.  It is a hilarious programme that will no doubt have you saying 'that is so like my family'.  I really love this programme, it is yet again another relaxing thing to be watching on the television and I would highly recommend watching at least one of these episodes.
4)  Hot In Cleveland- I really love this programme, it is about three middle-aged women who move to Cleveland after having lived in LA.  It is yet another relaxing programme to watch (notice a pattern a occurring?) and it really is hilarious.
5)  The middle- This is about a pretty average American family whose problems are a little ridiculous at times but make you feel better about the tiny things you fret over.  Sue Heck is my favourite character (which may confuse those of you who haven't watched this programme) as she is such a positive person even though she is constantly and hilariously put down by others and in some ways I really do aspire to be like her.
6)  Miranda- My final favourite programme I am going to mention today is Miranda, the only british programme mentioned.  I love british humour, it is undoubtedly my favourite type of humour and this programme is such a great representation of that.  I also think 'An Idiot Abroad' gives a great representation of what we are like as well.  I know there aren't very few decent british programmes and if there are any people abroad, wondering what the English are like then please watch this and erase the perfect, well-spoken, tea drinking (although I do love tea) image of us from your mind :P

Well, these are all my favourite programmes and I really do hope some of you will give them a watch and please comment if you enjoyed them, it would make my day :)
What are your favourite programmes?

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day :)


  1. Miranda is ssooooo funny
    <3 xxx

    1. I know, it's such a good programme :)
      Tess xoxo

  2. did you check revenge? it's pretty cool too! i watched 90210 but they got kinda boring to me now.

    xoxo, andie
    Fashionista's Pick


  3. It's all Revenge for me! Definitely watch it, you will get addicted! I also like Cougar Town, but I usually never have time to watch it :(

    Just when you thought

  4. My 2 favourites are : Desperate Housewives and Big Bang Theory.
    Miss Starshiny

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog!
    I'm a big fan of tv shows,I think that I've watched over 100. I also watch 90210,Modern Family,Cougar Town & Hot In Cleveland! I recommed: The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, The good wife,Person of interest,Whitney,Fairly Legal.

    PS: I'm your newest follower!