Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fashion 2012

I realised that most of my posts have been about makeup or just random everyday things and so I wanted to do a fashion post as I haven't already done so.
So these are just some ideas and pieces that I have liked in 2012.  Obviously there will be people who don't like some of these because we all have different opinions but these are just mine:
I really like baggy cardigans with tight-ish tops underneath so that it shows off your figure but still keeping in trend of the baggy, sort of relaxed style that is very in at the moment.  I love the cardigans that have been selling in topshop recently, they are all so soft and nice, this is the one I have and is my favourite:

Along with the topshop theme, I really like their supersoft jeans.  I think that it is such a good idea to have comfortable yet still flattering jeans that are not jeggings.  My favourite ones are the MOTO rose supersoft skinny jeans because they are such a pretty pale pink colour that is absolutely perfect for the spring time and is just something colourful and pretty to wear with simple, pale tops.  I think it's also good because so many outfits are mainly dominated by the tops you wear so it's nice to attract a bit more attention to the legs:

You can buy these jeans on the topshop website:
But unfortunately the cardigan is now out of stock.

One of the main things I have been loving in the last couple of months are statement jewellery.  It is so handy to have some statement pieces because it enables you to wear more simple clothing, so you do not have to think as much when you are deciding what to wear.  This also means that you can wear the simple clothing more as opposed to statement clothing that you could only get away with wearing every couple of months.  If you were to wear patterned clothing it would draw the attention away from the statement jewellery and could look it bit like a big mess so sticking to simple clothing is the easiest way in this case.

I hope this has been helpful,
Thank you :)

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