Thursday, 16 February 2012

The natural look :)

So for this Summer, i am hoping to go for a lot of natural makeup looks.

This is my favourite natural eye look.  I found it on the internet and I thought it was so beautiful!  To achieve this look you will need some brown shimmery colours all over the lid, a favourite black eyeliner pencil of yours to tight line your eyes.  This makes it look as if you are wearing no eyeliner yet still making a visible impact which is perfect for the natural look you are going for.  As you can see, this person has used a beautiful light brown eyeliner to line her waterline.  It may just be the lighting but I think that is what she has done and I would do also when doing this look.  Her eyelashes look long but not overdone so as to look fake.  I would recommend the Maybelline "full and soft" mascara to achieve this looks because it gives you a very natural appearance however my personal favourite mascara is L'oreal's False Lash telescopic mascara.  It does give a sort of false appearance (in a good way) but when applied lightly can look fairly natural.  
This person has clearly highlighted the inner corner of their eye and also the brow bone with a light shimmery colour.
I have not purchased either of these products but I think they would be really great for achieving this natural look or any other natural looks (or just any looks, really) in the future:
Too faced Naked eye palette

Urban Decay Naked palette

I think both of these palettes would be perfect for this look.  Also, I know that the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette is now out which would also work very well for this look.  Like I said, I do not own either of these products but am hoping to buy one of them very soon.  If any of you have either of these products or any brown eyeshadow palettes please leave a comment saying what you like or dislike about them and if you think they are worth purchasing because I would really love to know :)

I hope this has been helpful,
Thank you :)

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