Saturday, 4 February 2012

My 5 Beauty Pet Peeves

Hi everyone!
So I haven't posted anything for about a week as I have been very busy and I thought this would be a good topic to get me back into blogging.
1.  So my first pet peeve is foundation lines.  I am sure many of you have seen girls with a thick brown or orange line on their jaw bone and it is one of the most irritating things.  Especially when you can see their practically white skin on their neck, the comparison really is insane.  If you have the time to apply the foundation on your face, you have the time to rub it into your neck and around your ears.
2.  My second pet peeve are raccoon eyes!  For those of you who don't know what these are, raccoon eyes are when people draw thick black eyeliner around their eyes (making themselves look like raccoons).  I honestly do not know why people do this because it is far from attractive.  A more subtle eyeliner is always best.  I like applying it on my upper lash line (also known as invisible eyeliner) because it looks really natural and I think it would look nice on all eyes.
3.  My next pet peeve is when I see people applying they foundation with their hands or a very dirty sponge.  I think it's okay to apply a bit of your foundation with your hands, maybe to cover blemishes, but when it is to apply it to your whole face, it really makes me cringe.  Obviously it has nothing to with me, how other people apply their foundation, but in my opinion it is pretty unsanitary to apply it with your hands because you touch so much with your hands during the day that you could really clog your pores up.  I also think applying it with a sponge is pretty unsanitary unless you use a new one each day, most people don't.  It might just be me, but I personally really don't like the idea of applying foundation with a sponge.  Personally I think brushes are best for the application of foundation, I would recommend using a foundation or stippling brush.
4.  My next pet peeve is when people borrow my makeup.  I hate that so much!  I think it is very unsanitary to share foundation and concealer and they are probably the worst products to share.  I also hate sharing lipstick because i don't like the idea of it going on my lips after it has been on someone else's.  But a lot of people who forget to bring makeup in ask to borrow mine and it really annoys because they wouldn't like it if the situation was the other way round and I can't see why they can't just bring their own makeup in.
5.  So my final beauty pet peeve shouldn't really be a pet peeve, i guess, because I'm sure that not many people will agree with me but for some reason it really irritates me.  And that is the lack of beauty-understanding (that's not a word but it's the best one I can think of to describe this).  I guess I'm not one to talk because I probably don't understand a lot about makeup but that's really why I started doing this, so that I can expand my knowledge but for some reason it really annoys me when girls have no idea what they are talking about but think they know so much.  Most girls I know do not even know what foundation they use, they just slap it on.  I saw one of my friends applying a makeup primer, and just about every girl there was asking her what it was and then asking to use it and then talk to their friends as if they know exactly what a primer is and what they use it for (they got it wrong) when they only found out a few minutes ago.  I don't know why it annoys me so much but it really does.  

I'm sorry that I had a bit of an outburst there but I just sort of felt like I needed to vent :P
I'm also really sorry if any of you do any of these things but these are just my own personal opinions.
Thank you :)

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