Sunday, 20 May 2012

Favourite Clothing Items

Topshop top 
River Island top

Lipsy Dippy Hem skirt
New Look Mint green sheer shirt

Topshop crochet shorts

Today I just wanted to do a quick post of some of my favourite clothing items lately.  I have selected a few items that I really hope you will like and will give you a few ideas when you go shopping :)
I chose the mint green sheer shirt because I love pastels this season and mint green is probably king of the pastels so this shirt really stood out for me.  I think it would definitely complete an outfit and add a feminine touch with the softness of the colour.
The high low/ asymmetric skirt from lipsy could not go amiss in this post.  I love high low skirts and sadly have not purchased one for myself so far as I still cannot find one that has suited me but i particularly like this skirt as it is nude which will make it incredibly wearable and tone down a look that may have otherwise looked a bit too dressed up.
I love the River Island embellished top.  This look is very on trend and it saves you the trouble of having to think about which accessories would complement the look best as its complex patterns finish off the look for itself.
The topshop shirt/ top is so perfect and sweet.  I love the cute collar detailing and the sweet bow.  This also saves you any extra accessorising as it is so cute on its own.
Finally, I really love the topshop shorts, they're so cute, with one half of the shorts denim and the other with crochet detailing on.  I think it could really complete a look.  As so many of the shorts I see today are so plain and sometimes boring, I think this is really nice without being too daring to wear.

Thank you for reading and I hope this has helped :)
P.S sorry for the pretty bad placement of pictures, I'll try to place them better next time :P


  1. Some gorgeous items of clothing here :D
    I really like the Lipsy Dippy Hem Skirt - so pretty!

    I've nominated you for the sunshine award! :)

    Natalie xx

    1. That's so sweet, thank you so much, i've never been nominated for anything on blogger before! I'll definitely go check that out :)
      Tess xoxo