Tuesday, 1 May 2012

March and April Favourites

Because it wouldn't be a post
without a picture.....
and this is so purty.

Hi everyone,  it's been two months since my last Favourites post so I thought since it is May 1st today I would write up a quick list of my favourite beauty Favourites over the past couple of months, so lets get to it:
1) My first beauty favourite is Soap and Glory's Righteous Butter.  I love this product, it is one of the loveliest smelling moisturiser I have ever smelt.  Especially when the weather is starting to warm up, you are going to frequently be in need of a good moisturiser and this is the one that I am always reaching for when in need so definitely check it out when you get the chance.
2) My second favourite is a revlon Lip Butter, in the shade Creme Brulee.  I mentioned these lip butters in a previous post and I really like them but this shade has to be my favourite as it is the most wearable with its natural, nude colour.  It looks as if you are not wearing any lipstick but your lips simply look healthier, fuller and nicer.  I think this shade would suit any complexion and another product definitely worth looking out for.
3) My next favourite is another product from the Soap and Glory range: Mist You Madly Fragrant Body Spray.  I absolutely love this fragrance, there are so many great things to say about it but I will try to condense them into a few sentences.  The best way I can describe this fragrance is that it is a mix between a body spray and a perfume but it is one of the loveliest smells, gentle but still pretty distinct.  It is very reasonably priced as well and yet another product all should keep an eye peeled for.
4) My final favourite product is grey eyeliner.  This isn't really a favourite as I am not mentioning a brand however, the favourite is the look that it gives.  The grey eyeliner that I use is Rimmel's soft kohl kajal eye liner pencil in stormy grey.  It is not a great product and I would not recommend it to people because it does not last very long and is not highly pigmented, however I would definitely recommend this look to fair skinned, blonde people in particular.  As a blonde, I cannot wear black eyeliner as it looks too heavy and slightly ridiculous on my face however, grey works perfectly.  From afar, grey looks black but does not have the harsh look that black usually gives.  It beautifully frames blue eyes also and I would recommend wearing it on the waterline if you are going to wear it because it looks best when used in this way.  I may even do a post about this in the near future but for the time being, I highly recommend this look and hope that some of you will try it out :)

I hope that this post has helped and given you all a few ideas of what to buy or what looks to try out,
Thank you :)


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