Friday, 27 January 2012

Makeup Brushes

Today i felt like writing a post about the makeup brushes I have in my makeup bag.  So i have 22 in total (but really only 7) that I am going to talk about.
The first brush I ever bought was a superdrug's own foundation brush because I didn't want to use a sponge anymore because I think they're unhygienic. It works really well and was really cheap (about £5) for a good brush.
Next I am going to talk about the ecotools set that my sister bought for my birthday a while ago because I really needed some more brushes other than the foundation brush.  I'm not sure what the set was called, if it even had a name but there were 5 that came in a set.  One was a blush/face powder brush, an angled brush, an eyebrow brush, a concealer brush and a concealer brush.  I absolutely love these brushes.  Not only were they incredibly reasonably priced, retailing at around £15 for FIVE brushes, but they are fantastic quality.  I don't know what it is but I think that you can always tell when brushes are cheap and tacky because they are flimsy and look plastic because they're so shiny when they should just look soft.  But these brushes are dense, soft and overall amazing products.  Not to mention that they come in a really cute and handy push so that they aren't loose in your makeup bag and they're eco-friendly (or at least I think they are :P) which is a huge bonus.  I would definitely recommend these to a friend because you will get so much use out of them!
Next I bought the Urban Decay Good Karma crease brush because ever since I got a really big eyeshadow palette and trying out lots of different looks, I find myself needing more than just an eyeshadow brush to do my eyeshadow so this is really handy.  I can't remember how much it cost, sorry, but it wasn't inexpensive. I think it's worth the money though because it really is such a good brush.  I love using it for my crease, obviously, and also for the inner corners of my eye.  Like the ecotools brushes, it is both dense and soft.  I really like how the brush is quite heavy, and just looks expensive!  There is one little negative point.  Because it is not a retractable brush,  you may be a bit hesitant to leave it just hanging around in your makeup bag where it could get damage so I would just advise you to keep the little pouchy case it comes in.
The final brush set I want to talk about is the 'Fraulein38 brush set', I think that's how it's spelt.  I got this ages ago online because it was really cheap (about £10!) and there were 15 brushes.  I don't really like these brushes and have barely used them.  They look pretty tacky and aren't very good but if you're looking for something cheap then it isn't awful and there are a few brushes that work pretty well.  I like to use the stippling brush that comes in the set because it is actually quite good but that is the only one that I use.

So thank you for reading this, I hope that it has been helpful.  I am planning to buy the 12 mac brush set soon because mac sell amazing quality brushes but I need to save up a bit more before I can buy those.  So hopefully when or if I do buy that set, I will do an updated post about makeup brushes.
Thank you :)

P.S Sorry this has been such a long post.

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