Saturday, 21 January 2012

Review of No7 50ml Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser

I only just bought this product one week ago but I think it is definitely worthy of a review.   Despite buying the tinted moisturiser a shade too dark, i do really like it.  I hope that the fact it is slightly too dark makes me look sun kissed or at least that is what I am trying to persuade myself.  Also I am going to keep it because Summer is coming soon and hopefully I will have a tan by then.  But I will probably buy the lighter shade after that.
The reason I bought this was because I find foundations too heavy on my skin, especially full coverage ones.  I also bought it because I had heard so many great reviews on it and they are all true.  It really does look like your wearing no makeup at all and gives you a very healthy glow.  What I really love about this is that you really don't have to use much at all to cover your whole face.  You can apply it as you would moisturiser or you could use a foundation brush which is what I do.  I'm sure it will last a long time and I'm really glad that it will as it is of such high quality.  It makes my skin feel so soft.  It's quality definitely exceeds it's inexpensive price of £12 or £7 with the £5 off No7 voucher which they are always giving out in Boots.
Another thing I love is that it is so much better for my skin then the foundations I have used in the past.  When foundations are cakey, you can almost feel the layer of foundation you have on your face but when you wear this you completely forget you're wearing anything and in my opinion, that is how foundations should be.
I hope this has been helpful,
Thank you :)

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