Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Spring makeup

Although Spring may still be a way away, it's one of the things I really look forward to after Christmas is over.
I wanted to think of a beautiful Spring makeup look and since Spring is such a colourful season I decided to incorporate that into my look.  
The eyes are the focusing point of this look because, as I believe all eyes are stunning, you want to direct the attention to your eyes.  Anything colourful will work perfectly for this look, as long as it softened with a complimenting crease colour to give more of a 3D affect.  The eyes in the picture are slightly over the top for an everyday look but you get the idea.  This picture is simply off of the internet.  It is not my look but i thought it was so beautiful and wanted to use it to at least give you some idea of look i'm going for.  Because you want this look to look soft, a nude lip would be perfect especially since you don't want to direct any of the attention away from the eyes.  As we hope for it to be sunny this Spring I would advise a tinted moisturiser for this look because i think a full coverage foundation is too cakey for a summery look.  A favourite foundation of yours would work as well but I personally think a tinted moisturiser works best since I don't like my face to be cakey at all and because it's moisturising, it gives you a natural glow which is so beautiful for this look.

I am new to blogging and am open to people's advise and opinions.  
Thank you :)

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