Saturday, 3 March 2012

January and February Favourites!

So today I am going to do my first favourites post!
I will not be doing favourites every month just because I don't buy a lot of cosmetic items within one month and so I will hopefully be doing this every other month or every three months or something like that.

1) My first favourite cosmetic item is L'oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara in magnetic black.  I really like this because I honestly don't think I have ever owned a mascara with as thin and long a brush like this one has.  It lengthens your lashes with just a few strokes and really does give that sort of false look (but in a good way).  It won't really make your lashes very thick or give it much more volume (can you get volume on lashes?  I don't really know what I'm talking about) but I personally think it is such a great mascara to invest in.  It is not very expensive at the price of £10.99 but I got it on sale for £5.99 at Superdrug a few weeks ago.
2) My second favourite cosmetic item is the No7 Liplicious Moisturising balm in Angel cake.  I only have the sample size because I got it for Christmas but I will hopefully be purchasing it in full size.  I like that it is not runny, yet not thick and sticky, the texture is altogether very nice.  I also like that it has a little bit of a glittery shimmer to it and it does not dry your lips out which is always a plus.
3) My next cosmetic favourite is the benefit eyebright.  I LOVE this.  It is pretty much a light pink jumbo eye pencil which you use as a sort of concealer to brighten up dark circles.  It works so well because it is the perfect colour to council out those purply, almost greyish bags (sorry if that sounds a bit creepy).  And it changes them into such a nice glow under your eyes that it looks like you've had the longest sleep ever.  i personally like to use this as a base for my concealer which i wear lightly because I already have eyebright underneath.
4) So my next favourite is actually the concealer I wear over the top of benefit eyebright, and that is L'oreal Touche Magique.  I wouldn't call this a concealer so much as an illuminator which I think it is anyway.  It reminds me of the YSL Touche ├ęclat .... if I were ever to own that product.  I probably would not use this concealer if you like thick coverage concealer but if you do not have very dark under eyes, it will probably work quite nicely or over the top of a regular concealer, which is how I like to use it.
5) So for my last favourite makeup item, I have The Mac Mineralize skin finish Natural in the shade 'Light'. I only bought this around mid- February and was debating putting it in this favourites post because I haven't had it for very long but I couldn't resist :P  I love this just because it leaves your skin so silky soft with practically one brush of it.  I do not really like wearing foundation so I usually wear it on top of moisturised skin so that my skin does not dry out as I have very dry skin already.  I like to use it over my concealer so that it will keep my concealer in place for longer than usual and I just basically use it all around my face.  It truly is a must-have product and it will last so long, it's definitely worth it!
6) I'm not really sure if this is a cosmetic product or not, but I guess so and that is the Maxfactor Max Effect mini nail polishes, specifically in the shade Dazzling Blue, but I love all of them.  I probably should't say I love all of them because I only have two, but i bought three for my friend's Birthday and I wild definitely be buying more because they are 3 for 2 in boots and only £3.99 on their own.  I like these because there pretty cheap and they are small which I love because it annoys me when nail polishes are so pricey but in huge bottle because I'm thinking that I will never be able to use all that up so they may swell halve the quantity and the price.  Dazzling Blue is such a gorgeous colour because  it's a sort of greeny blue and it changes under light which is so beautiful and prefect for spring!

1) So my first fashion favourite of these months are my pink jeans!  I talked about pink jeans in a previous post and have finally bought some.  But I bought them In New Look instead of topshop and they were only £16.99.  They are so perfect for Spring and what I love about them is that even though they are obviously pink, they're still so wearable because they're such a light pink that they are sort of a fashion statement but then also pretty casual at the same time.

2) My next fashion favourite of these months has to be my nude New Look pumps.  I have been wanting some nude pumps for a while and finally bought some.  I really love them, they are so useful for Summer and Spring and since the weather has been really nice recently, I have been able to get a lot of wear out of them :)
3) My third fashion favourite are just plain shirts in general.  In particular, I love my plain black new Look shirt, which is a sort of sheer, chiffon material, I bought it for £14.99, but unfortunately it is now sold out. Another favourite shirt of mine is my plain white Topshop shirt which I purchased for £15, it is long at the back and shorter at the front and it is just such a lovely soft material and so easy to wear any day, casually or dressed up.

4) So my final favourite of this month is a Jack Wills Gilet I recieved for Christmas.  I love this so much, it is so cuddley and warm and I want to wear it all the time (or whenever it is cold, at least).  I have been getting so much wear out of it this January and February and even though I have not been getting a lot of wear out of it these past couple of weeks since it's been so warm and will probably not be able to so much from now on this year, it will remain being such a huge favourite clothing item of mine.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and that it has maybe given you a few ideas of a couple things you might want to buy :)
Thank you :)

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