Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring Beauty Trends

Bold brows
Bold, heavy brows were flooding the catwalk during London Fashion week.
To recreate this look, pencil fine strokes around your natural brow shape.

The cat-eye
This beautiful makeup technique has been a loved trend for decades but has recently accelerated in use.

Rosy pink lips
Now although the catwalks are swamped with harsh, angled facial features, we must remember that Spring time should also be a time filled with gentle, colourful looks.  There is no better way to soften up a look than to style some effortless, rosy pink lips.  They really do complement any face shape.

Dewy, fresh face
Fresh, Dewy appearances are great for the Summer and Spring.  They make your skin glow and save you money on your full coverage foundations.  Try to steer clear of any foundations that are heavy.  You’ll need to reach for your moisturisers a lot this season. Tinted moisturisers or bb creams are great products, also.  I think you could even wear a skin primer on it’s own to achieve this appearance.  This fresh, dewy look looks great when accompanied with a nice highlighter and remember to steer clear of any mattifying products.

A pop of colour
Spring is the season, if any, to show a bit of imagination and be more colourful.  Play around with your neglected vibrant eyeshadows.  Who knows, you might actually end up discovering a beautiful looks that really suits you.  For those of you who do not want to be as adventurous with the eyeshadow palette, why not try splashing a bit of colour on your lower lash line instead of your eyelids.  This way the look is not so intense but still makes someone look twice at a subtle colour which complements your eyes to make them pop. 

Gentle, wavy locks
This last look is for hair and a look I think just screams Spring.  I love the appearance, it is effortlessly gorgeous, such a simple, innocent look.  I love glossy hair all year round but especially during Summer and Spring when your hair has a lot more life to it.  Curls are such a pretty way to style your hair and will make heads turn, for sure, when you walk by.

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  6. I loved Angelina's cat eyes but hated her lipstick. It made her lips look like plastic pink bombs...