Friday, 23 March 2012

My miracle powder!

About two weeks ago, I decided to order a Mac lipstick off of the Debenhams website as it was free delivery at the time and beauty products were around 10% off.  I was delighted to see that I had been given a freebee when I received the delivery.  The sample was bare Minerals original foundation in medium beige which happened to be nearly the perfect colour for me and it literally saved my life!  I was lucky enough to have been given an extremely generous sample size of the product which will probably last me a lifetime as I use so little.  I actually started to think I had accidentally ordered it because it didn't really look like just a sample.  It looks pretty small and extremely adorable but again, a little goes a long way.  In this sample I also received a cute little kabuki-style brush.  Here is what the sample looks like:

I never really ventured near the bare Minerals section before, probably because it is extremely expensive (now I know why it is so expensive), so I was really glad that I was sent this sample as I would have never tried it otherwise.
At the time when I received the sample, I had a rather noticeable blemish on my nose (I never really get spots on my face but unfortunately have a nose highly prone to breaking out) and no matter how much I used, concealer just wasn't going to cover it.  I used my normal Rimmel stay matte concealer which I use for hiding blemishes and added this powder over the top and honestly it was COMPLETELY GONE, unnoticeable, like it had never been there!  I could not believe it, especially since I had used so little.  What's more, it lasted the whole day, which consisted of me walking around in the cold and wet outside a lot and my nose didn't even go red (which is an everyday occurrence for me).
Overall, I am so pleased with this product and is another I would highly recommend.

Hope this has helped,
Thank you :)

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